Shooting People: Collaborate, Network, Succeed.

Shooting People: Collaborate, Network, Succeed. Since 1998, Shooting People have been connecting independent filmmakers across the UK. With around 200 films crewed and cast by them every week they remain the no.1 resource for filmmakers to find the components they need to make their movies.

Almost half of members are made up of actors and SP strive to ensure that great opportunities are shared with actors through jobs and competitions generated by users as well as staff. Recent short films cast and crewed by SP that have been BAFTA nominated include:

Emotional Fusebox

The Karman

Line Monkey

Love Experiments

Members are doing great things. Recently, Orlando Van Einsiedel was Nominated for the Best Documentary for both a BAFTA and an Oscar for ‘Virunga’; executively produced by Leonardo Di Caprio. ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ directed by members Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard. The UK distribution for CITIZENFOUR (also nominated) was headed by member Luke Moody at BritDoc.

Whilst being an affordable way to advertise for jobs, training, events, competitions, funding and self-promotion. This organisation has a partnership network reaching far and wide to bring its members the best possible chances. They also work to partner non-film brands to encourage the use of moving image to promote and narrate their stories. These have included:

Bombay Sapphire


BAFTA: Short Sighted

Sheffield/Doc Fest

London Short Film Festival

Industrial Scripts

and many more…

The SP community has fingers in every pie across every aspect of film. These all come under the umbrella that is ‘Shooting People’. Become a part of this versatile network today to start opening doors to your filmmaking future.