Starting a Revolution

When I look around at the actors I have met over the years there are a few common themes: a lack of trust, self respect and clear boundaries, an internal instability and with that can come chaos.

This often makes our friends and family fear our chosen profession as they’re the ones who have witnessed and lived through our highs and lows, chaos and ongoing questioning of our worth. It can also inevitably mean the industry doesn’t respect us or take the importance of our role in theatre and screen seriously, despite the fact that without us, there wouldn’t be any!

In order for our friends and family to be the unwavering support system we need them to be and for the industry to treat us with the respect we deserve and have a right to, we have got to do things differently.

We must work from the inside out. 

I was talking about this recently and the group said “Steph, it sounds like you’re starting a movement, a revolution.”

I took a breath. Smiled. And said, “Yes, as it turns out, that’s exactly what I want to do, will you join me?”

We want to bust the myth that actors have to “suffer for their art”. This isn’t a “sales pitch”, we have a genuine mission that has been bred from a genuine desire to make the industry more accessible and less destructive to those who are part of it. We all know actors riddled with anxiety who face a sea of rejection all the time and we want to help each actor who comes through our doors to find stability.

Our goal is to shift the narrative in actor training, to not forget about yourself in order to delve into the depths of a character (aka the deepest parts of you) but to learn how to better connect and understand yourself and others in order to better understand what their honest reaction would be in any given scenario.

To trust yourselves enough that you can go to the extraordinary and return without getting lost.

This is not only to train people in a more supportive environment but to actually help them feel good about themselves and the industry, to drop the shame that people carry around about having to have a “side hustle” as though it makes them “lesser”, the struggles people have being parents in the industry, being poor in the industry and not having access to the right situations, the right introductions or the right backgrounds.

Our courses are powerful, short, accessible, all have payment plans and some courses offer scholarship places. They all combine actor training (Meisner Technique based) with neuroscience and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) coaching.  We focus on the human being and work from the inside out.

We also run retreats in North Wales in our purpose built studio which are the only training of its kind in the world.

Our retreats are immersive and experiential and through a combination of actor training and the Great Outdoors will move deep into your neurology and stay with you for your lifetime.

If you want to change the way you work, change the way you feel and bring stability into your core so you can be the actor you know you can be, get in touch. We want to work with you.