Success as an actor starts today…

What have you done today? We are now in the second half of 2017, so if you are not in the position you want to be, you need to take action.

I want you to run through your day in your head and have a think about all the tasks you have completed today.

Who did you speak to? What did you do and most importantly what steps did you take that helped your career?

I’ll be honest if I think back to my own career there are days where I didn’t take daily consistent action. I waited. I told myself I wasn’t ready. I put the responsibility on my agent. I convinced myself that the industry was quiet.

In fact these were all fibs. They gave me an excuse to be lazy.

Acting can feel a bit boring on our own. If we are out of the rhythm of performing and haven’t done anything for a while, it can be really easy to feel stuck and unmotivated.

That is what happened to me and I consciously had to decide to do something about it and get back into the groove.

We know this industry is highly competitive but you will be surprised (and pleased) to know how few actors are willing to do the work; to show up, to move out of their comfort zone and make it happen.

When I was an agent, I lost count of the number of times actors missed opportunities; not because they weren’t talented, they were…in a big way.

It was more on a practical level, there was a lack of readiness to do the work. To get actually get to the nitty gritty of what was involved…instead being stuck into the drama of’ How many people are they seeing?’ or ‘Shall I wear my hair straight or curly?’ or ‘I’m not sure if this is the exact job for me’

It is really important that you work it (yes rock star styleee) and hone your craft and exercise it like a muscle.

The nature of the acting business is that you never know when you are going to be called, when the phone will ring or when you may get your dream audition, so it is your responsibility to always ‘be ready’

I want you to be the best in the casting room and to leave the casting director with the thought of ‘Wow, they were good!’.

I want you to be the actor who your agent calls on at the last minute. Someone who is reliable, sharp and ready to go.

Here are 5 strategies to help you get started.

1) What would be your biggest win? What is going to make the greatest difference in your career? What is lacking? New head shots? Updated CV? A useable showreel? Or maybe it is audition technique or an injection of confidence.

2) Get the help you need…you can find out more about my Success toolkit for actors by clicking here
Start brainstorming. What do you need? What is missing for you?

3) Set a deadline for yourself. When do you want to complete by? So if it is new head shots…what is your own deadline? Mark it in your diary and book the appointment.

4) What are you going to do tomorrow? Sometimes if we make a distant deadline we only get started a week before hand….so start now. Make a list, create a plan and map out what you are going to do.

5) Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t. Don’t get stuck in all the things that are not in your control. Get your creative thinking head… could you make it work? What could you do?

View my video below and…… Go for it!

Blog by Nicky Raby
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