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10 Ways To Get Cheap Tickets And See More Theatre.

Looking after the Honest Actors Podcast and Blog is a full-time job for me at the minute, particularly now that series 2 is up and running, but I still do my best to go to as much theatre as possible. It’s... more

Surviving Actors’ Touring Survival Guide

At some point in your career you may well find yourself on tour. Whether you’re in a whacking great Number 1 tour of a big glitzy musical, or a rural tour of Norfolk doing TIE, being on the road for long... more

Running a Career Outside of London (Part 2)

Surviving Actors Manchester is almost here. This year a key area of the event will focus on ‘Running a Career Outisde of London’ which will be incredibly useful for all you North West and further afield... more

14/48 comes to London by Marcy Rodenborn

Listen up, we have something to tell you that you won’t want to miss. Take 7 Writers, 7 Directors, 25 Actors, a handful of Designers and Musicians and just 48 hours. What do you get? 14 World Premier... more


This month we caught up with Flavia from ‘Finger in the Pie’ to get some top tips for those of you with shows as we head into festival season! You’ve got the venue, assembled your team and... more