Take Control of Your Career; The Actor’s Mindset

I’m sure most of us can agree that when we decided to take our first steps on the acting path, it was hard to imagine the whirlwind that would come our way. Who knew that the hardest thing to achieve as an actor wouldn’t be crying on queue or the 4am call times. It wouldn’t even be having to cancel plans last minute and learn a four-page monologue for the next day.

At STAC Studio, we have found the most challenging thing for many actors is taking control over their careers.

How many times have you gone into an audition trying to second-guess what the panel are after? How many times have you raided your wardrobe to find the ‘perfect’ outfit for the role, instead of wearing what feels right? And how many auditions have you walked away from feeling deflated and doubtful, despite having done a great job?

Having worked with hundreds of Actors and being working actors ourselves, we know all too well how hard it can be to maintain a positive outlook in an industry such as ours. That is why we have created the ‘ACTORS MINDSET’, a way of thinking that will empower you as an artist and give you the tools you need to lead a happy and successful career.


The core message of the Actor’s Mindset is that you are enough. You have gotten to where you are because you are great what you do. We encourage you to treat each audition as another opportunity to act and show the world what you do best. Heard it all before, right? Keep reading!

By adopting this way of thinking, you will always be showing yourself at your best. Even if it’s not quite right for the role, you have left the room without compromising yourself as an artist and are sure to have made an impact on the panel.

The sad truth is that you won’t be the perfect match for every role, and most of the time this is because of factors beyond your control.

As actors, we must learn to let go of the things we cannot control and take advantage of the things we can. Our mindset is something very much in the realms of our control (although we appreciate it doesn’t always feel like it).

Think of an artist and their paintings. Their aim is not to impress 5 people in a gallery and receive approval. Their aim is to provoke feeling, to showcase their truth and their unique way of interpreting the world. If it resonates with the wider majority, it’s a bonus.

Your performance is your painting, and your mindset is the tool that will help you showcase your truth.

So next time you walk into an audition room or set up for a self-tape, trust your instincts, and show the world what you do best.

P.s That agent or casting director you’re pedestaling, make them your equal. Treat them like a business partner who you’re acquiring as part of your team. Be the boss of your own career.