To All Artists Good Work; To All Workers Good Art; To All People: Equity


Equity is the performing arts and entertainment trade union. We’re made up of 47,000 performers and creative practitioners. We are actors, singers, dancers, designers, directors, stage managers, puppeteers, comedians, voice artists and variety performers. For more than a hundred years we’ve been pushing for better pay, terms, and conditions.

A trade union, at its simplest, is a group of people working in a particular industry who join together to defend and improve our terms and conditions at work. We do this by coming together as a collective to negotiate with employers and engagers, support members by providing services and organising in workplaces. Unions exist to ensure workers are getting treated fairly and with dignity.

Equity is a campaigning union, working to build an entertainment industry that works for everyone. Together we push for change on issues that are important to our members. From tackling low wages and harassment to making auditions accessible, strengthening performers’ rights and defending public service broadcasting.

Like any trade union, the main source of our power is our members in workplaces. As a member of Equity, you become key to driving the work of the union.

Representatives from our Manchester Office are excited to be attending WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo North this October and we hope to speak with you more about the work we do and why we believe an Equity membership is vital to working in the industry today.