Trinity Fox for safe firearm handling at WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2022

TrinityFox is excited to be exhibiting at the WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo 2022!! Please come and see us we’ll have cookies!!

TrinityFox is a company formed of ex UK Metropolitan Police, Special Forces and international firearms experts who provide firearms safety training and on set support to the television and film industry.

​TrinityFox provide tailored training and instruction for actors and stunt professionals for specific roles and scenes in productions that require bespoke firearms training and safety input. We work with writers, producers and directors to ensure the actors achieve the absolute realism and the on screen look required for any production.

We provide actors and stunt professionals courses in firearm safe handling and familiarisation. These courses span one, two or five days duration either on set or at various locations in the UK including north London.

​In addition we also provide a one day ‘Production Crew Firearm Safety Awareness’ course for directors, production staff and crew. The course will cover all aspects of safety in relation to the use of firearms on a production and highlight how to ensure all crew and staff know how to work safely with prop firearms used in productions and mitigate risks on the set.

​Firearms safety and awareness is what keeps you and your colleagues safe and we are dedicated to bringing the best training to you and your team.