Upcoming Seminars

Room 1 – Saturday 12th September
2:00 pm EST

Representation: Securing the Right Agent

Hosted by Agent Craig Holzberg of Avalon Artists Group

Securing the right representation, at the right time can be a real game changer for your career. But how do you know when the time is right, and what...

3:00 pm EST

Networking Online: How to do it!

Hosted by Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright president of WAW Entertainment

Join this session with Wendy Alane Wright to explore how you can network online. In the current climate where restrictions are being imposed it’s...

4:00 pm EST

TV Series Casting – What’s Involved and Preparing for the Audition Room

Hosted by Casting Director Sandi Logan

Sandi Logan joins us to discuss the process of casting for TV. She will draw on her experience of casting comedy and drama for TV to give you the best...

5:00 pm EST

Your Only Competition is Yourself

Hosted by Acting Teacher Fran Montano of Actors Workout Studio

Many actors think they’re not enough, and that is their biggest flaw. So, you’re going on an audition. There are 100 people in front of you, and 100...

Room 2 – Saturday 12th September
1:30 pm EST

A Top 10 List for the New Reality for Actors Getting Work

Hosted by Actor and Teacher Valorie Hubbard of Actors’ Fast Track

Our industry is changing and COVID has expedited that change. Big agencies are in trouble work is being shot in other countries, and theaters are down...

3:00 pm EST

How to Dissolve What’s Holding you Back + Live Q&A

Hosted by Katie J Jones Manifestation Coach, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Guide

All of our experiences in life are reflected back into the different aspects of Self – the physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual. All these...

4:30 pm EST

Build the Career of your Dreams

Hosted by Natasha Matallana Marken President of Take 3 Talent Agency, Inc.

We all know that an Agent or Manager is someone that opens doors to get an actors career moving. In this session Natasha will go in-depth on how to work...

5:30 pm EST

Introduction to Motion Capture

Hosted by Motion Capture Performer/Instructor Henry Layton from Theatre of Arts

This class/workshop will take the actors through a quick day on a “Mocap” set for making a video game or movie. We will discuss the...

Room 1 – Sunday 13th September
1:00 pm EST

Casting for the BBC

Hosted by BBC Casting Director John Cannon

John will be discussing how casting for the UKs internal casting department at the BBC works – from receiving the script, to selecting actors to be...

2:00 pm EST

Secrets to Booking the Job

Hosted by Acting Coach & Director Kimberly Jentzen

Kimberly Jentzen will present key strategies and winning tips that can make or break your auditions. She’ll also cover how to effectively shoot your...

3:00 pm EST

Fully Embodied: navigating change and uncertainty through the knowledge of the body + Live Q&A

Hosted by Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Kristin Calabria

The life of an actor has always been dynamic and sprinkled with moderate uncertainty. The pillars of stability that most of us could rely on shifted...

4:30 pm EST

Creating & Building a Relationship with your Commercial Agent

Hosted by Agent Hugh Leon of Coast to Coast Talent Group

Casting directors need talented and professional agents to support them with filling their audition room, and eventually their roles.

Room 2 – Sunday 13th September
1:30 pm EST

Stop Waiting, Start Creating

Hosted by Casting Director and Producer, Jeremy Gordon, CSA

As an Actor you’ll be used to periods of down time when work isn’t as abundant as you’d like it to be. During these times it’s important to stay...

2:30 pm EST

A plea to the next American actors

Hosted by Actor Keith Hamilton Cobb on behalf of Methuen Drama

Keith Hamilton Cobb is the award-winning, tour-de-force behind the play American Moor, which takes audiences behind-the-scenes and into the audition room...

3:15 pm EST

An Intro to Singing with Air Force Regional Bands

Hosted by a panel of current Air Force Regional Band Vocalists

This session will be an Introduction to Singing with the Air Force Regional Bands! It will include a presentation of their unique mission and the inside...

4:15 pm EST

Moment & Action: A Practical Guide to Acting in the Zoom Age

Hosted by Actors Reggie D. White and Christopher Jewels-Booth on behalf of Atlantic Acting School

While the way we tell stories has changed for the time being, the pressing need to tell them has not. Join Atlantic Acting School Artistic Director...

5:15 pm EST

Building a Career for Serious Actors

Hosted by Acting Teacher Sandy Faison & Actor/Director Anthony Reimer

You can be both the serious, trained actor and learn the practical skills of building a career. The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre has been...

Room 1 – Monday 14th September
1:30 pm EST

Getting on the Radar of UK Casting Directors

Hosted by UK Casting Director Kelly Valentine Hendry

This informative seminar with prolific UK Casting Director Kelly Valentine Hendy will cover how UK Casting Directors source talent from overseas giving...

2:45 pm EST

Self-Taping & Virtual Auditions: Preparing for the New Normal of Casting + Live Q&A

Hosted by Casting Director Jason Kennedy

In a new world where everything is going virtual, it’s more important now than ever to know how to be prepared with the new normal of casting. Learn...

4:00 pm EST

Oscar Worthy Moments: How to get out of your Head and Deliver Compelling Performances Take after Take

Hosted by Actor/Director Murisa Harba

You will learn the tools to actively get out of your head and into your body so you can give compelling, layered performances with nuance uncovering your...

5:00 pm EST

Diversity and Equality in Casting

Hosted by Casting Director Tiffany Little Canfield of Telsey + Company

In recent years diversity and equality has been in the media spotlight across many industries including Film & TV. For so long a star performers...

Room 2 – Monday 14th September
1:30 pm EST

Taking Direction on Camera with Audition Monologues and Scenes + Live Workshop

Hosted by Roger Hendricks Simon of The Simon Studio

This session will demonstrate Roger Hendricks Simon’s unique technique for taking direction on camera when working with audition material. Everyone...

2:30 pm EST

The Insider’s Secrets to a Successful Career: the unvarnished truth! + Live Workshop

Hosted by President of Scott Powers Studios & Casting Producer Marissa Gordon

Hear from the president of Scott Powers Studios in New York for an introduction to The Insider’s Secrets to a Successful Career. A 60 minutes workshop...

3:00 pm EST

Financial Planning for Actors

Hosted by Performer and Financial Advisor Frank Piccirillo II aka Francis James

Life in the arts does not come with the financial securities of a 9-5  job. In this session Frank Piccirillo II aka Francis James, both a Performer and...

5:15 pm EST

The New Business of Acting During COVID

Hosted by Sony Casting Director Amanda Richards

It’s hard to imagine a group of people more qualified to adapt, to survive with courage and determination, and to pull together in difficult times BUT...