Upcoming Seminars

Broadgate 1 Room
10:30 am GMT

Finding And Signing With An Agent

Hosted by Agent/Managing Director Alexandra McLean-Williams

Alexandra will be discussing the process of finding an agent that’s right for you, where to look for them and the best way to approach them!

11:30 am GMT

Inside The Audition Room

Hosted by Casting Associate Gabby King

Gabby will be discussing her top tips for inside the audition room, both virtually and in person. Advice on how actors can show up in a professional...

12:30 pm GMT

Scrolling Through Self Tapes – What Stands Out

Hosted by Casting Director Sophie Pearson

Sophie Pearson will be discussing self-tapes, and what stands out for the right reasons! The seminar will cover preparation, execution, and simple ways...

1:30 pm GMT

Film & TV Casting In 2022

Hosted by Casting Associate JJ Bee

JJ will be discussing how to make the most of the casting process in 2022 – from an actors ‘marketing materials’, zoom audition tips, self...

2:30 pm GMT

Casting Post-Pandemic

Hosted by Casting Director Manuel Puro on behalf of Mandy

A masterclass with top casting director Manuel Puro. The pandemic has changed our industry forever, so what does an actor need to do to succeed in this...

3:30 pm GMT

Finding & Casting New Talent

Hosted by Casting Associate Sarah Wilson & Matilda James

Sarah Wilson & Matilda James will be discussing how they look for fresh talent for their projects, where they look and their advice for actors facing...

4:30 pm GMT

Casting For Theatre

Hosted by Casting Associate Matilda James

Matilda will be drawing on her experience at Shakespeare’s Globe, West End, touring & regional theatre to give her advice to actors auditioning...

5:30 pm GMT

Snap Decisions Of A Casting Director

Hosted by Casting Director Sydney Aldbridge

Sydney will be drawing on her experience across TV, Commercials, Film and Theatre to discuss some of the ‘snap decisions’ that Casting Directors...

Broadgate 2 Room
10:45 am GMT

Embrace The Self-Tape

Hosted by Casting Associate Olissa Rogers of Fiona Weir Casting

Olissa will be discussing her advice on making your self-tape stand out and showing the best version of yourself. With a huge increase in the number of...

11:45 am GMT

What Are Agents Looking For In Actors?

Hosted by Agent Helen Kelly of International Artists Management

Helen Kelly will be discussing what agents are looking for in new submissions, and also from the talent they already look after. How much should you be...

12:45 pm GMT

Auditioning For Scenes Of Intimacy And Nudity

Hosted by Casting Director Nancy Bishop

In this seminar, Nancy will outline the Guidelines set forth by the International Casting Director Network. Know your rights as an actor when you go to...

1:45 pm GMT

Your Type, Your Tapes & Your Mindset

Hosted by Actor, Director, Filmmaker and Coach Richard Corgan

In this session we will focus on your ‘type’ and what it should mean to you; why it’s important for your career and why it is yours to own. We...

2:45 pm GMT

Debunking Myths About Casting

Hosted by Casting Director Dan Hubbard

Dan Hubbard will be shedding some light on the world of casting and giving clarity after a crazy couple of years on how the casting process really works!...

3:45 pm GMT

Feature Film Audition Technique

Hosted by Casting Director Kate Bone

Kate Bone is the Casting Associate on Netflix’s The Crown and has worked on casting a vast range of feature films and television series at Nina Gold...

4:45 pm GMT

Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Agent

Hosted by Agent Miles Anthony of Mile Anthony Associates (MMA)

Miles will be discussing how to get your relationship right from the very beginning with your agent. Communication tips, keeping your materials in check,...

London Wall Room
11:00 am GMT

Monologues: Audition Preparation

Hosted by Assistant Director of Admissions at NYCDA Jessie Craig

Whether it’s upcoming auditions for work, meeting agents or trying to break into the business through open castings, we want to help you perfect your...

2:00 pm GMT

Acting in the New Age: How to navigate the business post-COVID

Hosted by Actor and Career Coach Valorie Hubbard of Actor’s Fast Track

Feel like your self-tapes are not getting watched, you can’t get any good auditions, there is so much acting work but you are not working? Working...

3:00 pm GMT

Enhancing Your Acting Career with Voice Over Work

Hosted by Voice Director/Casting Director and Founder of One Voice Conference Hugh Edwards

The voice is one of the fundamentals of acting. As well as being crucial to your performances in film, stage, tv and audio, it is also a unique income...

4:00 pm GMT

Introductory Session: Unarmed Screen Combat

Hosted by Master Teacher and Fight Director Ronin Traynor of ID Fight

Led by IDFight Action Coordinator Ronin Traynor, this workshop will look at some tips and tricks for performing fights for camera. Open to all levels of...

Online Room A
1:30 pm GMT

Inside the Rehearsal Room – creating the conditions for play, discovery and ‘wow’ moments

Hosted by Theatre Director and Associate Professor Dr Robert Marsden on behalf of Methuen Drama

There are so many rehearsal techniques that actors and directors can employ. This session looks at rehearsal strategies and approaches, choosing the...

2:30 pm GMT

TV Series Audition Technique

Hosted by Casting Associate Kathryn Zamora-Benson

Kathryn Zamora-Benson will be drawing on her experiences from shows such as The Falcon’s Tale, Atlanta and Ozark to give her expertise on auditioning...

3:30 pm GMT

Cultivating A Bulletproof Mindset – & CRUSHING The 4 External Factors That Are KILLING Your Acting Career!

Hosted by Actors Mind Set Coach Ross Grant

After working in top TV drama for more than 15 years and spending more than 400 hours interviewing the most successful casting directors, agents and...

4:30 pm GMT

7 Steps for Serious Actors

Hosted by Actor, Director and Teacher Anthony Reimer & Actor and Teacher Sandy Faison of The Neighborhood Playhouse

You can be both the serious, trained actor and learn the practical skills of building a career. The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre has been...

5:30 pm GMT

Commercials – The Fast Track to a Thriving Acting Career and That New Car!

Hosted by David Bellantoni

In this interactive fast-paced seminar we will cover:

6:30 pm GMT

Essence Work and Empowerment for Actors

Hosted by Acting Coach and Writer/Director/Producer Kimberly Jentzen of Acting with Impact

The part of you that makes you feel alive is the essence within you. There is something great, a magical spark, a wisdom that, if you access it...

7:30 pm GMT

In The Room With A Casting Director

Hosted by Casting Director Rae Hendrie of Julie Harkin Casting

Rae will be discussing how she works with actors inside the audition room – including first auditions, recalls and chemistry test. With a background in...

8:30 pm GMT

Actor’s Pitch: How to pitch directly to NETFLIX, DISNEY, HULU or HBO

Hosted by Actor and Career Coach Valorie Hubbard of Actor’s Fast Track

Working actor Valorie Hubbard will teach the elements in a video pitch that will get the attention of major producers, directors and writers of your...

9:30 pm GMT

Get the Competitive Edge: 3 Strategies to Stand Out in The Room and On Tape

Hosted by Actor and Acting Coach Loren Chadima of Intentional Acting

With self-tapes Casting Directors are seeing more actors than ever. How do you get noticed in this crowded market? What makes you unique, your...

Online Room B
2:00 pm GMT

Representation: Why It Matters

Hosted by Agent Amy O’Neill

Amy will be giving her advice to actor’s on looking for the right representation for you. She will be discussing what she looks for in clients, and...

3:00 pm GMT

Taking Direction in Auditions for Film, TV & Theatre

Hosted by Actor, Director and Acting Coach Roger Hendricks of the Simon Studio

This session will demonstrate Roger Hendricks Simon’s unique technique for taking direction when working with audition material. Everyone is...

4:00 pm GMT

Presentation Skills For Actors

Hosted by Casting Director Kate Geller

Kate Geller will be leading a Q&A about how actor’s present themselves and how to really be in an audition room. Learn how to put your best...

6:00 pm GMT

Virtual Auditions

Hosted by Casting Director Amber Horn & Casting Director Danielle Aufiero

7:00 pm GMT

Your Only Competition is Yourself

Hosted by Founder and Artistic Director of Actors Workout Studio Fran Montano

Many actors think they’re not enough, and that is their biggest flaw. So, you’re going on an audition. There are 100 people in front of you, and 100...

8:00 pm GMT

Enhancing Your Acting Career with Voice Over Work

Hosted by Voice Director/Casting Director and Founder of One Voice Conference Hugh Edwards

The voice is one of the fundamentals of acting. As well as being crucial to your performances in film, stage, tv and audio, it is also a unique income...

9:00 pm GMT

Oscar Worthy Moments: How To Get Out Of Your Head and Book The Room

Hosted by Actor, Director and Acting Coach Murisa Harba

You will learn the tools to actively get out of your head and into your body, so that you can give compelling, layered performances with nuance,...