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10:30 am

Commercial Casting: Demystifying The Process and Understanding The Casting Director’s and Performer’s Role Within It

Hosted by Michael Cox, Casting Director

During the audition, it’s important to be prepared, follow directions, and bring your unique perspective to the role. Remember, casting decisions...

11:30 am

Casting At Cameron Mackintosh

Hosted by Head Of Casting At Cameron Mackintosh, Paul Woller

A unique insight into the casting process at Cameron Mackintosh straight from the Head Of Casting.

12:30 pm

TV Series Casting: Insider Tips For Actors

Hosted by Casting Associate, Paushali Banik

Gain insights into character interpretation, script analysis, and the art of nailing TV series auditions. Discover what casting directors are really...

1:30 pm

Nailing Your Audition Preparation

Hosted by Sarah Leung, Casting Director

Learn the keys to success in the audition room, before you’ve even entered it! From receiving your script, to researching the creative team and giving...

2:30 pm

Give Yourself the Best Chance To Succeed

Hosted by Charlie Brooks, Actress & Ben Brooks, Agent

Explore proven strategies to succeed and get ahead in your acting career from the point of view of an actor (Charlie!) and an agent (Ben!) Guidance and...

3:30 pm

Acting In The World Of Video Games

Hosted by Jessica Jefferies, Casting Director

The industry is evolving, and the world of video games has become a lucrative and exciting area for actors to be involved with! Jessica’s experience...

4:30 pm

Auditioning For Theatre

Hosted by Lucy Jenkins, Casting Director

A seminar to sharpen your skills when auditioning specifically for theatre. Support, and guidance in cold reading, character choices and audition room...

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10:30 am

From Audition To Callback: Winning The Room (Remember the team are on your side!)

Hosted by Rachel Sheridan, Casting Director

With years of experience watching actors move from first round auditions, to call backs Rachel will be discussing her advice on you can “win” the...

11:30 am

Booking Your Next Feature Film

Hosted by Priscilla John, Casting Director

Unlock the secrets to auditioning for screen with Emmy-award nominated Casting Director, Priscilla John. Gain insights into script analysis, character...

1:30 pm

Self-Tape Success

Hosted by Hosted By Carolyn McLeod, Casting Director; Matt Sheppard, Casting Associate; Darren Darnborough, Actor & Co-Founder WeAudition, Richard Cambridge, Actor & Co-Founder WeAudition

Elevate your self-tape auditions to the next level with our ‘Self Tape Success’ seminar! Learn the essential techniques for lighting,...

2:30 pm

Scouting Talent: Sourcing Fresh Faces For Major Projects

Hosted by Daniel Edwards, Casting Director & Ross Grant, Actor & Founder of Act On This

Casting Directors are on actor’s side – they are always wanting to find fresh faces and get them seen by directors to book work. Daniel will be...

3:30 pm

Mixing Networks Industry Panel

Hosted by Mixing Networks Industry Panel

A panel of agents and casting directors to cover all sides of the industry. A great opportunity to hear a variety of voices in the room, giving their own...

London Wall
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11:00 am

“The Actor’s Shop Window” – Tips And Tricks To Maximise Your Profile

Hosted by The Audere Academy & Agents From Audere Talent Management

Audere Talent Management will be discussing your profile, headshots, showreel, voicereel and general marketing package to give you tips and advice on how...

12:00 pm

Solving The Problem: You Are Brilliant, But Nobody Knows You Exist

Hosted by Charlotte Thornton, Acting Coach

This seminar will deliver simple strategies to solve the actor’s biggest problem: getting known and getting seen. Charlotte will combine insight from...

1:00 pm

Owning Your Audition: Making The Most Of Your Moment

Hosted by Joel Gatehouse and Lucy Stewart, Course Leaders - PPA

In this seminar Joel and Lucy will take you through the process of preparing and presenting yourself in a way that maximises your potential.  Through a...

2:00 pm

The Working Class Actor: Successfully Navigating the Industry

Hosted by Industry Guests including Liam McLaughlin & Kristian Wall – Actors & Co-Founders, Just Add Milk

Nepotism, elitism, discrimination, false promises and the cost-of-living crisis is making the UK acting industry more difficult, and unobtainable than...

3:00 pm

Take Charge Of Your Career

Hosted by Wendy S. Kurtzman - Casting Director

Position yourself as CEO of your acting career with an action plan from Emmy-nominated casting director Wendy S. Kurtzman that will empower and equip you...

Bishopsgate 2
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11:00 am

How To Get Acting Jobs In The Independent Film Sector

Hosted by Alex Reece & Darren Tassell

Tried and trusted techniques, strategies, and approaches for getting your first jobs in the independent film sector. How to build trust, how to solve...

12:00 pm

Progressing Your Acting Career & Creating An Income Utilising TikTok

Hosted by Oli Hills, TikTok Expert

Unlock the secrets to UGC (User Generated Content) to advancing your acting career, and funding your lifestyle at the same time! Learn effective...

2:00 pm

Ryan Kirwan Films: ‘Acting for Screen’ Workshop

Hosted by Ryan Kirwan, Film-Maker & Dan Linney, Script Writer/Actor

During this 45 minute workshop, Ryan Kirwan Films will offer a taste of their incredibly popular ‘Acting for Screen’ classes.

3:00 pm

6 Steps to Success: Where Joy Takes Centre Stage

Hosted by Donna Easton, Joyolgist and performer

A vibrant, fun and interactive session to help cultivate a happier sense of self that will feed your success. Join Joyologist Donna Easton in this...

4:00 pm

How To Do (Any) Accent

Hosted by Rebecca Gausnell

Whether you’re looking to be cast in the American market, or in the next BBC period piece – it’s a fact of the biz that you will need...

Commercial 3
Access Available To Class Pass, All Access, VIP Pass Holders & Individual Tickets Available
10:45 am

Getting, Keeping & Working with Your Acting Agent

Hosted by JBR, Agent

Discover everything actors need to know about agents – how to find one, what they do, and how to work with them effectively to help you succeed in your...

12:45 pm

Actors On Set: Unlock Your Screen Acting Potential

Hosted by Directors Tim Kent & Nathan Caselton

A Film & TV sets can be a busy environment and for many actors new to screen. Everything you’ve learnt becomes a blur as you’re surrounded by the...

1:30 pm

Imagination and the Actor – How to embody any character, using the Spiritual Psychology of Acting

Hosted by John Osborn Hughes, stage and screenwriter, director, acting teacher, spiritual psychologist and wellbeing coach

Join Awakened State Productions director, John Osborne Hughes as he guides you through his powerful, practical acting technique, which allows you to...

2:45 pm

Acting Through Song

Hosted by a West End Vocal Coach

Combining acting techniques with vocal training to delve in to the world of Musical Theatre. During the class you’ll be working on a song to master the...

3:45 pm

Improvised Weapons – Create dramatic violence with everyday objects!

Hosted by Ronin Traynor, ID Fight Director

Learn the principals behind turning everyday items into lethal weapons; whether you have a pencil, magazine, phone charger, or a spatula we can teach you...