What To Do Before & After An Open Call

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when actors attend an open casting call.

The audition is another story all on its own.

Let us focus on what to do before and after an audition. Then we’ll focus on the audition itself.

Build your researching skill to help you understand who you will be auditioning for, the project, and how it all relates to your personality. Figure out if you are reading a monologue, if so, does it fit the feel of the show. More importantly, does that monologue fit your personality. These are aspects of any strong audition prep. Researching can lead to a good foundation before ever walking into a room.

Arriving to an open call is the fun part. Be nice. Be extremely nice. Stay true and real to yourself when there. An important reason you are even at an audition; to network. That is correct. Meeting new people, actors, future big names at these auditions are all part of your career’s longevity. Befriending actors starting out could lead to a long friendship. And people love working with friends. If someone has a question, answer them to the best of your ability. If you are working in your head then be nice to them and explain you need prep time. The kindness is important. Not everyone is as prepared or in the know as you might be.

Leaving the audition comes with responsibility too. Thank everyone involved, if you see them, on your way out. The person signing you, the people in the room, and so on, are all valuable to your career. In addition, wish people luck with the old ‘Break a leg’ and if anyone caught a conversation with you in the waiting room then hand them your business card. If neither of you have business cards add one another on social media. Within three days, follow up with people you met and those handling casting. For the casting a simple ‘Thank you for allowing me to audition’ then wish them well. If something happened in the room that got everyone reacting, laughing, smiling, or struck a conversation, make reference to it within your email/letter/post card. Follow up with actors too.


Peace in harmony

~ Thomas J. Bellezza

Head of Relations / Owner

BBR Productions Inc.