What To Do Inside The Room – Open Calls

Top tips on what to do inside the audition room by Thomas J. Bellezza (BBR Productions Inc.):

  • Walk directly to your mark. Once there say hello. Follow their particular cues.
  • If they ask you questions answer them directly and stay streamlined and focused.
  • Keep your personality within your answers. If they ask questions, I promise you they already like your look. Now they want to hear who you are through the way you speak with them.
  • When answering questions, leave out your resume bullet points. Who are you!? Answer their questions with your personality.
  • That research you did? Utilize it in the room. If there is a person you recognize from your research, try and connect with them with any information you might have in common. Instead of directly saying ‘you like the Jets, I like the Jets!’, be smart. ‘Pretty excited about the Jets game this week!’.

These quick and helpful tips will make your experience smoother and more fun. This acting, it is all about having fun! And as Bryan Cranston once said:

You’re not there to get cast. Your job as an Actor is to give the casting people options and choice. Go in with having done your homework on the piece and be in the moment, in the room.

Ah the fun of being an actor! Now go be fun, kind, lively, yourself, and of course… give them choices!


Peace in harmony

~ Thomas J. Bellezza

Head of Relations / Owner

BBR Productions Inc.