Why Do Companies Run Open Calls?

Meeting people. Events like Actor’s Pro Expo allow companies like ourselves to do full on Open Calls for actors ready and willing to get paid for their work. Open Calls in general give you a much larger array of choices. We love keeping options open and nixing limitations. Thus no race, age, sex, of a specific character so all actors are auditioning for every part. We love allowing actors to do monologues. To see what and why they selected the monologue they did. That monologue tells us a lot about our actors. The mind of a person is unique and speaks volumes within their actions. We love waiting for that door to open up and see another lively soul ready to read!

Personally, I enjoy leaving the room and speaking with the actors on the line. To get a sense of who they are as people. To catch them being helpful, or rude. To me, this is also a part of the process. On occasion I like pretending to be one of the actors auditioning. To get a sense of where they are coming from. My process is about working with people I know I will like. Once they get in that room you never know if they really are nice or if they want you to cast them. This is gives me a chance to feel out the good hearts who want to work in this business as a team and not as an island!

I recommend all production teams reach out to opportunities such as WeAudition: Actors Pro Expo gave to us. They open doors for everyone involved, including the chance to work with wonderful people!


Peace in harmony

~ Thomas J. Bellezza

Head of Relations / Owner

BBR Productions Inc.