Working on Zoom is like working on camera

The actors I’ve been working with on Zoom have been booking more work. The constant working on camera and basically a close up or mid shot is helping actors to be more comfortable in front of the camera, less self-conscious, and trusting themselves.  Their self-tapes are more relaxed, fresh, and spontaneous.  The actors are more free, softer, and trust their simplicity to a greater extent.  I am pleasantly surprised to see the increase in bookings.

Another great aspect of zoom is I can tape them, then play it back and stop at specific moments to give a note, other than having to reflect back for the actor to remember. Whether it is a scene, an audition piece, improvisation, or other exercise I use to open and stretch an actor, it’s great to be able to stop the action and show them the exact moment.

For those of you who haven’t experienced a zoom class that is exciting and stimulating, I suggest you try others. There is great opportunity for growth and I have on hand experience in seeing actors book more, especially in their zoom and self-tape auditions.  I think this new way is here for good.

Times are changing. The benefits of zoom classes are here for good as they offer opportunities for great growth. I think actors should do both when possible.

Fran Montana

Actors Workout Studio

Coaching Actors for 35 years

Emmy Award Winner

Author of “Act Authentically” available on Amazon

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