Terms & Conditions

Actors Pro Expo & Young Talent Expo 2022/2023 Terms and Conditions


1. Only the Company named on the Actors Pro Expo Ltd Exhibitor Booking Form (herein referred to as “The Exhibitor”) shall trade at their pitch.

2. Actors Pro Expo Ltd has been set up to support actors and therefore companies attending must adhere to that ethos.

3. Actors Pro Expo Ltd or any staff involved is not responsible for any third party actions which may be detrimental to the event.

4. All invoices must be paid in full within 28 days of the booking form being signed, or before the Event date (whichever is sooner), except where a payment plan has been agreed in advance by both parties. If no payment has been made by the due date, as laid out above, and subsequently you cancel your booking, then a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the total agreed sale, will be due immediately.

5. Once accepted, All Package fees are non-refundable.

6. If The Exhibitor wishes to transfer the package to another company, a new application form must be submitted by the transferee and must be accepted by the Event Organiser. We reserve the right to refuse the new application to guard against over-duplication of trades and goods to be sold.

Goods for Sale

7. The Stall Holder shall use their booth for the sole purpose of exhibiting and selling therein articles or goods of the description specified in their Actors Pro Expo Exhibitor Booking Form and shall not exhibit or expose for sale therein any articles or goods of any other description without having first obtained the written consent of the Event Organiser.

8. The Exhibitor shall make sure that all trading complies with any relevant legal requirements. In particular, no Exhibitor shall sell counterfeit or otherwise illegal products.

Covid: 19

9. If the event is cancelled due to Covid 19 – the entire event will take place virtually, and all seminars & exhibitors will be moved to an online presence

10. In-Person Booths will be non-refundable, and will be offered a virtual booth in place.

11. Advertising options will be given to refund the financial gap between in-person booths, and virtual booths

The Pitch and the Booth

12. The positioning of booths within the Event Area is at the discretion of The Event Organisers. The final allocation will be designed for the overall benefit of the Event patrons by the Event Organisers and is final.

13. The pitch must be kept tidy at all times. Nothing must be placed outside the pitch or in the safety gaps.

14. The Exhibitor shall not install any heating, lighting, electrical, cooking or mechanical apparatus whatsoever and connection to any associated power source without the previous consent in writing of the Event Organisers and then only in such manner as shall be specified in such written consent.

15. The Exhibitor shall make sure that no disturbance to occupiers of adjacent premises or booths shall be created by noise, smell, or type of display.

16. The Exhibitor shall make sure that, at all times, no inconvenience, danger, or obstruction shall be caused to members of the public in any manner whatsoever.

17. Exhibitors are responsible at all times for the proper conduct and operation of the booth and shall comply with any requirements of the Event Organiser.

Set Up and Take Down

18. Exhibitors must set up between the hours of 9:00am-10:00am and be ready to trade at 10:00am. Late arrival will incur a fee of 50% of your original package cost.

19. Exhibitors are expected to trade for the duration of the Event. Packing up before 6:00pm is not permitted. Doing so will incur a fee of 50% of your original package cost.

20. The Exhibitor shall remove any boxes or containers and all goods and other articles from the Event Area within the 1 hour Take Down period at the end of the Event (6.00pm to 7.00pm).

21. All trash from the booth must also be cleared away during the Event Take-Down Period (and during the Event if at the request of the Event Organiser).


Event Organiser – Actors Pro Expo Ltd, any person nominated by Actors Pro Expo Ltd as being responsible for the proper conduct of both Actors Pro Expo & Young Talent Expo.

Event App – ReAttendance

The Exhibitor – You, Your Company and/or any representative of Your Company that you nominate to manage your Exhibitor Booth.