Why Exhibit

Actors Pro Expo and Young Talent Expo provide you with a great platform to share your business and reach a target market within the arts industry.

We give you the chance to let attendees know more about the service you offer via a more personal face-to-face approach.

To view the packages for all our expos please click here for exhibitor, advertiser and official sponsorship packages, or contact us to discuss your options.

“Equity has been coming to Actors Pro Expo since it began. It is always a productive event offering a wide range of support and information for actors in a professional, positive environment.”

Actor’s Pro Expo is always a wonderful and professionally produced Event. I wouldn’t miss it for the world and I attend all 3 yearly Expo’s in London, New York and Los Angeles! It’s a great chance for anyone working with actors to meet new prospective clients, give a seminar that assists actors at all stages of their careers and meet up with old friends and colleagues…Love it!

We’ve had the pleasure of sponsoring Actors Pro Expo NYC, LA and London for several years. The APE team are so easy to work with. We’ve made lots of great contacts, both attendees and fellow sponsors for our future events. The next day we hold our own event and many of the actors we meet come to the event. We always see immediate results from the investment. In a short space of time we make the investment back from new clients who come from APE.